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TrataTrata / Sardines
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In vegetable oil 100gr.In vegetable oil 100gr.
In vegetable oil piquant 100gr.In vegetable oil piquant 100gr.
In tomato sauce 100gr.In tomato sauce 100gr.
Smoked in vegetable oil 100gr.Smoked in vegetable oil 100gr.
In olive oil 100gr.In olive oil 100gr.
Offered Tastes:
Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Oil Piquant, Tomato Sauce, Smoked in Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil
TRATA sardines are exclusively fished at the waters of North Aegean Sea. The conditions of the natural living and feeding environment of the sardines justify their qualitative excellence. This consists in the size and the light, fresh and tasty meat of TRATA sardines.
Our long experience, as well as the continuous search of consumers preferences, led us to the creation of a full series of five completely different tastes, thus covering a wide range of taste preferences.
Always loyal to the traditional processing and choice of materials, conforming to the most up-to-date qualitative regulations, we offer high and constant quality to the consumers, as well as a pleasure of tastes, but moreover a particularly rich in nutritional value fish, the TRATA sardine. Sardines are considered to be fishes of particularly nutritional value due to their high content in proteins and the low quantity of saturated fat acids. It is also scientifically proven that the fatty acids, that are rich in sardines, contribute: 

~    To the reduction of cardiovascular diseases
~    To the reduction of triglycerides in blood and blood pressure
~    To the reduction of thrombosis risk
~    To the healthy and effective function of cellular membranes

For TRATA sardines we choose only fresh fish after cleaning them carefully, we steam them lightly in order to keep their meat crispy and fresh, as well as all their nutritious substances. Thereafter, the sardines are controlled and placed in tins by hand. Lastly, we add sauce or olive oil and the natural spices that offer a special taste.
You can enjoy TRATA sardines either as a fish appetizer, or in fish salads, as well as a side dish with legumes; in sandwiches with fresh lettuce and fresh cream cheese, and several other recipes.
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